Cam Studio is the pioneering school for Communication and Industrial design in Atlantic Canada, dedicated to offering students hands-on experience through engaging project-based learning, aiming to foster community development and generate fresh opportunities. Our mission is to equip the upcoming digital storytellers and design creatives to embrace the future of technology, empowering them to reach their potential. Graduates from Cam Studio will emerge as self-assured, job-ready professionals fully equipped to utilize their design passion in enhancing the creative industry both locally and globally.


Our instructors, who are award-winning artists, technicians, and designers with over 25 years of combined experience in the communication and industrial design industries, conduct lectures at Cam Studio. They inspire and nurture imagination in students and educate aspiring designers on how to leave a lasting artistic legacy.

Each instructor at Cam Studio brings a current and innovative perspective directly from their work to the classroom. Students will gain practical experience working alongside the faculty and build an international network across disciplines.